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Jules Duncan

Back in 2007, I had a realisation.
There was something not quite right with spending my weekdays desperately trying to maintain my serious Television Reporter persona, and my weekends making ridiculous comedy films with my cousin and mates.

Something had to give...

Fortunately, it was my job.

Now I work full time in Film and TV productions, which means I spend a lot of time standing around behind cameras.

(Actually, to be honest I rarely stand behind a camera. I'm not sure why I used the photo on the left. It certainly wasn't because I look cool in it- what the hell kind of creepy smile is that anyway? And how hard is it to iron a shirt?)

If you're still at all interested, here's my life in Wikipedia...

Grew up here... and here

Went to Boarding school here

First job here...

Age 18 I moved here... do to this...

Then spent three years doing this, working in various places as this...

Went back to this Uni to study this

Worked for these guys in these three places

Bought an apartment here

Ever since been trying to become this... sorry, I mean this